I definitely appreciate the multiple possibilities of using my illustrations in different settings, mixing them with type and other graphical elements. 

Below you may find a series of posters I have been designing, either for business or for fun, to satisfy my fascination with Graphic Design.

/ Scientific Visualization Workshop
/ PROJECT / I was invited to run a workshop to veterinary students & researchers where we discussed the appropriate use of visuals in scientific didactic materials (e.g. scientific papers, posters and presentations). This was the poster I designed for the event, using an old pen & ink owl illustration I had done in 2014 and mixing it with bold colors and type.
/ TOOLS / Pen & Ink, Adobe Photoshop® and Adobe InDesign® 

/ Viral Poster
/ PROJECT / I decided to take a short break from the Virology Textbook I was designing, and give an Ernst-Haeckel-twist to some of the illustrations. The poster was to be hanged on the walls of the Virology Institute in Zurich.
/ TOOLS / Adobe Illustrator®
/ Aubergined Tennis Poster
/ PROJECT / Poster developed as a Christmas gift for a couple of friends, playing with their favourite things (aubergines and tennis) and with my fascination by typography, diagonal lines and old-style ink illustrations.
/ TOOLS / Adobe Illustrator®
© Diogo Guerra. 2016


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