short animation on mitosis


A short animation summarizing the main events that enable a cell to divide - starting at interphase, continuing with mitosis, until cytokinesis.

I often struggle with the plastic look of 3D molecular and cellular illustrations/animations. Therefore, I wanted to do my own take on this subject, making it as organic as possible and bringing some texture to the cell elements, while still working in 2D. I specifically wanted to animate the chromatin coiling, and the spindle apparatus produced by centrosomes that drags the chromosomes to a metaphase plate. 

   © Diogo Guerra. 2017

   Adobe After Effects ® 
   Adobe Illustrator ®

   "Deliberate Thought" 
      by Kevin MacLeod 
   Licensed under a Creative 
      check source & artist.

/ Final Video
/ still image from the animation depicting a chromosome and its structure
/ still image from the animation depicting separation of chromosomes during telophase
/ still image from the animation depicting the constricting action of the cleavage furrow
/ some of the elements designed for the animation

/ before and after screenshots of the storyboard
© Diogo Guerra. 2017
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