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One of my main goals as a medical illustrator is to raise awareness within the scientific community of the importance of visuals as didactic materials.

I want to furnish researchers with very basic tools that will enormously shape the way they evaluate visual information, and enhance their ability to create simple, yet efficient figures, graphical abstracts, posters and presentations.


Master and PhD students, postdocs and other professionals working in the fields of Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Biology, Molecular Biology and similar.


1 / Half-day Workshop
A great opportunity to learn the basics to create own figures and design posters and presentations.

2 / Full-day Workshop
On a single day or split into modules, this is an excellent opportunity to not only learn the basics to create own figures; practical sessions will also allow the participants to have hands-on experience with some simple graphical tools.

3 / Individual Sessions
Remote or onsite private sessions, tailored to your specific needs and goals.

If you would like to book a workshop, or develop one more tailored to your needs, 
get in touch through illustration@diogoguerra.com.

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