One of my main goals as a medical illustrator and veterinarian is to promote the production and sharing of high-quality content in Veterinary Medicine. With this page, I hope to create a complete and centralised library of online educational resources for students, veterinarians, researchers and fellow medical artists. 


In this section you may find great online learning materials for studying or to use as visual references for illustration work, as well as a compilation of my top bibliographic references. I have listed medical topics that are intrinsically visual, such as anatomy, imaging or parasitology.
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Veterinary Medicine Resources 

Online image libraries on the general anatomy, neuroanatomy and imaging of dogs, horses and ruminants. [Read more]

Veterinary Medicine Resources 

Compilation of some of the most useful veterinary anatomy atlases and textbooks out there.
parasitology, veterinary, ticks, helminths, cestoda, nematoda

Veterinary Medicine Resources 

Online atlases for the identification of arthropods, helminths and protozoans of interest in veterinary and human medicine. [Read more]
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Veterinary Medicine Resources 

Online visual resources on clinical pathology (haematology, urinalysis, cytology, etc.) and anatomical pathology of several animal species. [Read more]

If you are a researcher, a student, or a fellow medical artist, here you will get tips on how to better communicate scientific data – from how to properly label a scientific figure, to simple tips to design effective scientific posters and graphical abstracts.

Medical Visualisation Resources 

Article with tips and strategies to optimise the design and addition of labels and arrows to pre-existing medical illustrations. Useful for researchers and medical writers who are preparing scientific articles for publication. [Read more]
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