schematic illustrations on several relevant parasitic species


The brief was to illustrate a series of flipcharts for animal doctors to explain the main parasitic disease of dogs and cats to pet owners. 

Veterinary parasitology is a very specific field, given the multitude of hosts and parasitic species. Having previously worked as a researcher in this area, I knew the poor investment that has been made. 

I worked in a semi-schematic style, with an harmonious color scheme. My goal was to create illustrations that, while accurate and informative, were not too graphical or disgusting for the general public to observe.


© Diogo Guerra. 2017


Adobe Illustrator ®

/ Life cycle of Leishmania infantum (protozoa) in dogs
Demodex sp. (mite) adults in the skin
/ Trichodectes canis (chewing louse) attached to a dog hair
/ Thelazia sp. worms (nematode) in a dog's eye
/ Angiostrogylus vasorum worm (nematode), adult female

/ Puppy with typical signs of Toxocara canis infection (prostration & distended belly)

© Diogo Guerra. 2017
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