My Journey from Veterinary Medicine to Medical Illustration


For a long time I've been struggling with how to explain how I transitioned from Veterinary Medicine into Medical Illustration. After seeing Alli Torban's beautiful steamgraph-inspired CV, I realized that DataVisualization could indeed be a great way to visualize my complex and not-always-clear path into the amazing field of Sciart.

One of the key points I wanted to emphasize was how both my experiences in Veterinary Medicine and Medical Communications contributed to what I do today. I wanted to debunk the myth that I had been losing time by starting my professional career in an area apparently so different from my current one.

Through this process I have come to establish even more interesting connections between several experiences and some of the competences I now have as a medical illustrator. For example, I was totally unaware that my first stabs at Adobe InDesign and Photoshop at the Student Board would become so handy for the work I do today. Without sounding corny, this piece does make me very happy as I'm able to confirm that wherever our path leads us, all the things we've learned before will become useful in a way or another.

Sankey diagram created in Flourish and layout in Adobe Illustrator.

Originally published on my Linked Page.

   © Diogo Guerra. 2022

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© Diogo Guerra. 2022
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