series of medical illustrations on different dental implant techniques


I wanted to create a series of original medical illustrations that depicted different dental implant techniques used in dentistry.

These works needed to be cohesive, standing out stylistically, while staying away from plastic-looking images that are common 
in dental medicine. I thus merged elegant realistic digitally painted anatomical features, with a technical-illustration-inspired style for implant materials.

The topics illustrated range from basic implant structures to advanced techniques like the zygomatic or all-on-four implants.

Are you need of a new set of original illustrations for your dental practice website? Just get in touchAll images are available for purchasing under a non-exclusive license.

   © Diogo Guerra. 2018

   Adobe Photoshop® 
   & Adobe Illustrator®


/ a traditional dental bridge, here made up of two anchored crowns with a pontic in between that covers a gap on the maxillary gingiva
/ O-ring implant with overdenture attachments; overdentures are dental prosthesis, supported either by teeth or implants. In this example, an O-ring implant attachment is used. O-rings are an accessible, easy-to-maintain, solution to improve retention of overdentures. 
/ zygomatic implants are recommended in cases of extreme maxillary atrophy; the prosthetics, in order to acquire enough stability, is fixed to implants inserted through the maxillary sinus up to the zygomatic bone 
© Diogo Guerra. 2018


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