textbook illustrations on reproductive medicine


The goal was to illustrate a 500+ page midwifery textbook, created as part of an EU program to strengthen maternal and child healthcare services in Angola. 

Since this was a very technical and practical book, aimed at post-graduating midwives, the client and I decided to go for a semi-schematic type of drawing. To make the textbook more accessible, most illustrations would be developed in grayscale. This is a great challenge, requiring extra care in choosing the right shades of grey to make sure contrast and legibility are high.

Besides creating high quality materials, I wanted this work to reflect the target audience's reality while broadening the limited representation of human anatomy which is mostly of caucasian, white subjects.

The topics illustrated range from basic concepts on embryology and reproductive anatomy to more specific ones such as obstetrical bleeding and manoeuvres to apply during the different stages of labor.

   © Diogo Guerra. 2018


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/ cover art developed for the textbook
/ structure of the human gametes: male (sperm) and female (ova or egg cells)
/ different regional anesthetic techniques during labor
/ placenta removal technique
/ pathology of the myelomeningocele, a spine defect where the spinal cord and the spinal canal do not close normally
© Diogo Guerra. 2018


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