flashcards on parasitology, hematology & urinalysis for small animal practicioners


The goal was to design and illustrate a series of portable, resistant flashcards on several topics in Parasitology, Hematology and Urinalysis for Small Animal Medicine practitioners and Veterinary students. These flashcards were to be used as an extension to Dr. Gerardo Poli's already-available MiniVet Guide - an A6, portable, complete reference booklet for vets and vet students to use in their daily practice.

The topics illustrated range from Skin Parasites such as Demodex sp. and Sarcoptes scabiei, to Urinary Casts and different techniques to produce correct blood smears.

A initial research showed that a lot of other similar resources in the market lacked high quality imagery and good graphic design that allowed them to be didactic and easily used. Therefore, I decided to mix realistic illustrations (similar to what one would see under the microscope) with modern and simple lines, trying to develop a didactic, high-quality product that had not been seen before. 

These flashcards can be purchased here.

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/ some gastrointestinal parasites illustrations (from left-right, top-bottom: Taenia sp. egg, Capillaria aerophila egg, Trichuris vulpis egg, Strongyloides sp. larvae, Toxocara canis egg, Paragonimus sp egg. & Spirocerca lupi egg)
/ some red and white blood cells illustrations (from left-right, top-bottom: blister cells, dacryocytes, codocytes, monocyte, band neutrophil & eosinophil)
/ different skin sampling techniques in small animals (from left-right, top-bottom: sticky tape impression, superficial skin scrape & deep skin scrape)
/ different elements found in microscopic assessment of urine (from left-right, top-bottom: urine sample preparation mixing step, sperm cell as an artefact, waxy cast, bilirubin crystals, & calcium oxalate dihydrate crystals)
© Diogo Guerra. 2018


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